Ripstone Reveal Debut PlayStation Mobile Title

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Electronic Theatre ImageGame developer Thumbs Up and production company Green Hill have announced the creation of a partnership with Ripstone Publishing that will bring Panic!, a top-down action puzzle videogame, to PlayStation Mobile. The videogame requires quick thinking and fast reflexes to defend the city against a giant alien slime monster.

Players must help survivors escape the city by creating blockades, toppling houses, dropping bombs and throwing buoys to save those about to be swallowed by the slime. Nicolas Marinus, Managing Director at ThumbsElectronic Theatre Image Up said: “I can honestly say there is no other game like Panic! It features completely original gameplay, fun graphics and challenging levels that are going to thrill you!”

Maarten de Koning, Managing Director at Green Hill enthused: “Panic! is not your everyday mobile game. The core mechanic may seem simple at first but will seriously challenge your reflexes in the long run! We hope that people have as much fun playing it, as we had when making it.”

Leo Cubbin, Managing Director at Ripstone states: “We’re excited about the potential of PlayStation Mobile gaming and are delighted to be working with Green Hill and Thumbs Up to develop Panic!

The videogame will be released as one of the PlayStation Mobile launch titles, and will be playable on all PlayStation Mobile certified devices. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Panic! and other forthcoming PlayStation Mobile titles.




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