Cosmic Clean-Up Coming to PlayStation Mobile

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Electronic Theatre ImageIndie production house Green Hill and publisher Ripstone have announced their newest release, Cosmic Clean-Up. Discover space as the first cosmonaut of your own planet. Use the flames of your rocket thruster to burn your way through outer space, and go where no man has gone before. Cosmic Clean-Up is a 2D skill game where risk/reward is the main mechanic.

In Cosmic Clean-Up it’s your goal to clean up the galaxy by burning away all objects surrounding the centre planet.  Once the spaceship has been launched, there is no option to turn off the engine. Slow down your ship by counter thrusting in the Electronic Theatre Imageopposite direction. If debris is blocking you, fly towards it and steer just in the nick of time. The fire from your thruster will burn the debris away. Steer too late however, and you will crash your ship.

Cosmic Clean-Up will be available for PlayStation mobile devices.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about Cosmic Clean-Up and future releases from Green Hill.


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