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            Launched as part of the recent ‘Must Have Games’ campaign, geoDefense is another successful mobile game brought to the Windows Phone 7 catalogue by Microsoft Game Studios and modified specifically for the format. geoDefense is a Tower Defence game developed by Critical Thought Games specifically for touchscreen devices, and featuring a stylish neon vector visual design.

            The game plays like a traditional Tower Defence game, offering more than thirty five levels spread across three difficulty settings. Enemies, known as ‘Creeps’, enter via the thick line that leads towards your base (on harder difficulty settings there may be more than one line reaching theElectronic Theatre Image edge of the screen, but the enemies will only ever enter from one). The player has only five different towers available in geoDefense, but each is unique enough to maintain interest throughout the entire game.

            The Blaster Tower is your basic rifle, firing s ingle bullet at single enemy in the first instance; Missile Tower is a heavy weapon; Laser Tower fires across the full length of the map in a straight line; Shock Tower reduces the speed of enemies it shocks; Vortex Tower collects energy from fallen enemies and returns it with a powerful blast. All of these towers combine to create an astonishing amount of tactical options no matter what the level layout, and players will quickly develop their own unique strategies. What’s more, each of the towers can be upgraded multiple times, increasing their range, power, reload speed and other attributes.

            Mixing-up the formula a bit are custom rulesets: faster enemies, greater strength or lowering and raising prices. The amount of towers a player can construct is limited only by their success. More finance is earned by killing enemies, and acts as an ongoing depiction of success. A less immediate feedback comes from the game’s score, a target set for the player on the level select menu. The game offers bonuses for the later along the preset path that the Creeps are removed, creating a risk/reward challenge in which the player has to decide between being comfortable and climbing the leaderboard.

            The leaderboard is online, though like many Windows Phone 7 titles is limited to players on your Friends List only. geoDefense features some interesting Achievements and most players will happily play through to the full 200 GameScore.

            geoDefense’s visual quality is fantastic, if obviously in it’s inspiration. The success of Bizarre Creations’ Geometry Wars series hasn’t gone unnoticed by many, clearly inspiring Namco Bandai Games’ recent spate of remakes, including PAC-MAN Championship DX and the recently released Galaga Legions DX, and now being demonstrated by Critical Thought Games here in geoDefense. The Tower Defence game is practically a carbon copy of Geometry Wars in it’s reactionary backdrop, and the neon abstract player pieces and opponents are also reflective of the now defunct British developer’s work.

            Though not particularly original, geoDefense is an enjoyable game throughout its duration. Should you not have any friends who also purchase the game for Windows Phone 7 it’s unlikely to hold much interest once having successfully completed each level with a gold star, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the entry price. geoDefense is an enjoyable game experience, but can’t live-up to the pioneers of the genre.


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