Full House Poker Offered as Windows Phone 7 ‘Deal of the Week’

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The week’s ‘Deal of the Week’ promotion on Windows Phone 7 sees the popular Full House Poker reduced in price. Originally released back in March of this year, Full House Poker has been one of the most critically acclaimed titles on Microsoft’s mobile gaming platform.

Much of the critical acclaim has spawned from the willingness of Full House Poker to take advantage of near-every technical asset of the Windows Phone 7 format, including pushing new boundaries for the system’s Xbox LIVE connectivity. Full House Poker connects with the Xbox LIVE Arcade game of the same name and allows data to be shared between the two games, including a constant bankroll.

Full House Poker is available on the Zune Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 now at the reduced price of £1.49 GBP The game will revert back to the original £2.49 price next week, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Deal of the Week promotions on Windows Phone 7.


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