Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) Offered as Windows Phone 7 Deal of the Week

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Electronic Theatre ImageThis week’s Windows Phone 7 ‘Deal of the Week’ promotion sees the critically acclaimed Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) offered at a reduced price. Featuring three unique shooting videogame experiences, Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) is developed by the same team responsible for the cult classic I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1.

Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) is a themed twin-stick shooter collection, solidly executed and utterly self-aware in its celebration of gaming culture through an epic musical masterpiece. Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) does its best to Electronic Theatre Imagespan both musical and gaming genres in a streamlined series of choreographed music video gameplay mash-ups.

Presenting some of the best shooting videogame experiences ever made available on a mobile device, Z0mb1es (on the ph0ne) is available for Windows Phone 7 handsets now for the reduced price of £1.49 GBP. This price is available for one week only, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with future Deal of the Week promotions on the Windows Phone 7.


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