Wordament Becomes an Xbox LIVE Title

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Electronic Theatre ImageFollowing the beta launch of Wordament on Windows Phone 7 handsets earlier this month, Microsoft Studios has updated the title to include full Xbox LIVE functionality. Known as version, Wordament now features a full array of leaderboards, Gamertag and Achievement systems.

Wordament is a unique kind of word videogame in which you are competing with the whole internet to be the best word searcher in every game. Every player is competing on the same board, in real-time, to get the highestElectronic Theatre Image score. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer: tap names in the results list to add them to your personal list of Frenemies, which is shown at the end of every game. In this new version, your Xbox LIVE friends will be automatically added.

Wordament features unique boards guaranteed to have over one hundred possible words, and every tile is playable. Wordament is available from the Zune Marketplace now as a free Xbox LIVE title exclusively on Windows Phone 7. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest additions to the Windows Phone 7’s Xbox LIVE enabled catalogue.


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