Microsoft Launch New Price Band on Windows Phone 7

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Electronic Theatre ImageDespite the huge variety of Xbox LIVE enabled titles currently available for Windows Phone 7 devices one of the most common complaints is that of the high cost of entry. While the benefits of Leaderboards, access to the Xbox LIVE network and a universal Achievements system are welcomed by many, some gamers question why these added extras increase the price to often more than double that of rival formats. That’s no longer an issue however, as Windows Phone 7 now offers Xbox LIVE enabled titles from as little as £0.79 GBP.

The first titles to receive a drop in price are Doodle God and Rovio’s hugely popular Angry Birds, both of which have sequels heading to the Windows Phone 7 format in the near future. The pair have been reduced from theirElectronic Theatre Image original price of £2.29 permanently. Also available in this new price band are the likes of Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp, Battlewagon, Burn the Rope, de Blob, Deer Hunter 3D, Fruit Ninja, Glyder: Adventure, IonBallEX and Max & the Magic Marker, all reduced in price now.

There’s currently no suggestion as to which other titles may follow suit in lowering their price to the new £0.79 band, though it could easily be assumed that those already available at a lower price on rival formats may be more willing than exclusive titles. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Windows Phone 7′s Xbox LIVE enabled software catalogue.


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