Final Fantasy Coming to Windows Phone 7

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Electronic Theatre ImageSquare Enix and Microsoft Studios had today confirmed the rumours that have been doing the rounds for many months now: the hugely popular Final Fantasy series will be making its way to the Windows Phone 7 format. What’s more, it’ll be appearing sooner than you might expect, with the debut set to appear next week.

Little information is currently available on the Windows Phone 7 outings for the Final Fantasy series. Previous rumours had suggested that Square Enix intends to launch it’s mobile remakes of each of the core bloodline titles in turn, and today’s confirmation of the appearance of FElectronic Theatre Imageinal Fantasy on the format lends itself to that end, as the first title set for release is the original Final Fantasy itself. However, at this point no further titles have been confirmed.

No price has yet been confirmed for the Windows Phone 7 edition of Final Fantasy, though hopes are that Square Enix will see fit to keep the adaptation’s price point low, opting for the £2.29 GBP range. Final Fantasy will launch on Windows Phone 7 on 13th June 2012, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox LIVE enabled releases for the mobile format.


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