Zombies!!! Offered as Windows Phone Deal of the Week

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Electronic Theatre ImageThis week’s Windows Phone ‘Deal of the Week’ sees one of the most critically acclaimed titles available on the format reduced in price for a limited time. Babaroga’s Zombies!!! is an adaptation of the original board game perfectly realised in Microsoft Studios’ mobile gaming platform.

Playable by up to four players, Zombies!!! features a variety of gameplay mode and customisation options designed to suit any player. Electronic Theatre delivered an in-depth review of Zombies!!! shortly after it’s initial release, stating; “Little bits of Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil can be seen in the intensely Electronic Theatre Imagestrategic affair that is Zombies!!!, and that’s no light compliment. Zombies!!! is simply one of the most compelling titles currently available for Windows Phone 7.”

Available to download now, the Deal of the Week promotion sees Zombies!!! reduced to £2.29 GBP for one week only. The videogame will revert to it’s original price of £3.99 next week and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Deal of the Week titles on the Windows Phone format.


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