Turn N Run Arrives on Windows Phone

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Electronic Theatre ImageThis week’s Xbox LIVE enabled release sees the popular Turn N Run make its way to Windows Phone devices. Published by Electronic Arts, Turn N Run is available to download for all Windows Phone handsets now.

Turn N Run uses a unique control scheme to twist the world around as you attempt to find a pathway to the big-eyed alien’s crashed ship. Simply swipe the touchscreen to rotate the environment and link seemingly distant blocks in Electronic Theatre Imageorder to create a path. Climb, ascend and hop from one block to another on your way back to your rocket. However, getting to your rocket is just half of the challenge: the rest comes in the form of collecting the valuable red gemstones scattered around each stage.

Available to download from the Windows Phone marketplace now, Turn N Run launched with a price of £2.29 GBP but has since been reduced to just £0.79. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox LIVE enabled videogames launched on the Windows Phone format.


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