Fallblox Available For Nintendo 3DS

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Electronic Theatre ImageNintendo has today released Fallblox, the follow-up to one of the most popular puzzle-platformers of the year, on Nintendo 3DS. Fallblox sees the return of Mallo, the sumo-wrestler-shaped hero from the original Pullblox, as he pushes, pulls and climbs his way to the rescue, but with gravity and a much bigger play field to contend with, he’s going to have his hands ful.

As in Pullblox, the objective of each challenge is to reach the top of a structure called a Fallblox. Where he previously rescued children, Mallo now has to collect the colourful birds that won’t budge but comfortably settled down at the top of each Electronic Theatre Imagestructure. To complete a challenge, you simply have to move the blocks into an arrangement that lets you climb to the top and reach the bird waiting for you. But while the coloured blocks of Pullblox could only be pulled outwards or pushed inwards, Fallblox adds a third dimension and a whole new layer of challenge to the puzzle experience. Not all blocks you’ll encounter act in the same way, some have special properties that can be taken advantage of when solving each puzzle. Cloud blocks can be moved around like any regular block but don’t fall when left unsupported, meaning you can use them to prevent other blocks from dropping down.

And there are more special blocks to discover. If you are feeling creative then you can also create your own challenges in Fallblox Studio mode and save them as QR Codes to be shared with other players. Such QR Codes can now not only be scanned with the Nintendo 3DS outer cameras but you can also use the Internet Browser on your Nintendo 3DS to view a QR Code image, save it to your SD Card and then import it directly into your game.

Fallblox players can also receive twenty free, additional puzzles created by the game’s developers spread out over a period of about nine months from the launch of the game. Fallblox is now available via Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about Fallbox.


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