New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Arrives

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The final two Coin Rush course packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2 are now available to download. The Mystery Adventure Pack offers labyrinthine courses full of different paths, while the Impossible Pack offers the toughest challenges that Mario fans will have ever faced. Coin Rush is a game mode in New Super Mario Bros. 2 where you can enjoy collecting as many coins as possible. As you only have one life, you must race across three courses with care, but be quick as well, as the time left at the end of the course is transferred into coins.

The Mystery Adventure Pack features three courses that challenge you to look for different paths on your way to the goal in ways you didn’t see in the game’s original courses: explore the various underground routes in Course 1, ride on flying blocks as you collect coins in the auto-scrolling Course 2 and use the various objects placed throughout Course 3 to find your way to the end. As its name suggests, the Impossible Pack ramps up the difficulty to extreme levels, only hardened Mario players need apply because these levels might be some of the hardest in Super Mario history. There isn’t a single power up or even a coin in the entire pack and the only way to receive coins is to complete the course as quickly as you can. Getting to the end is far from easy though.

The Mystery Adventure Pack and Impossible Pack are the final two Coin Rush course packs and are available in addition to eight packs previously released for purchase. Both Packs are available to access from the in-game Shop menu in New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about New Super Mario Bros. 2.


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