Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Street Gangs & More Now Available via Nintendo eShop

This week’s Nintendo eShop line-up isn’t as plentiful as it has been in recent weeks, presumably laving room for the highly anticipated Pikmin 3 to shine when it arrives tomorrow. Today however, we have the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) classic, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, […]
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This week’s Nintendo eShop line-up isn’t as plentiful as it has been in recent weeks, presumably laving room for the highly anticipated Pikmin 3 to shine when it arrives tomorrow. Today however, we have the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) classic, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, and a fistful of other classics for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii U and Wii.

This week also sees a special offer come into place for the Wii U Panorama View video tours, with four available to purchase including a freebie for any gamers who purchase three of the titles. The full line-up of releases and offers follows below and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest additions to the Nintendo eShop.

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Title Platform Available on Price Point*
Pikmin™ 3
Wii U (Disc/Download) Nintendo eShop from 26/7/13 €49.99
Game Description: On a hostile planet, command a giant army of   tiny ant-like creatures to protect you, only in Pikmin 3 on Wii U. Lead two new Pikmin   types as you explore a rich and diverse world, using the Wii U GamePad’s   built-in screen to oversee the action in this unique blend of action and   strategy. Crack enemies’ tough outer shells and break down barriers with the   new Rock Pikmin, and use the new Winged Pikmin in combination with the   individual skills of other Pikmin types to proceed. Decide how best to divide   your Pikmin teams to assign them the most appropriate tasks, and maximise   your progress in each day.

With Pikmin 3 launching on 26th   July, and The Wonderful 101 launching on 23rd August, if Wii U   console owners buy Pikmin 3 on Nintendo eShop between 26th July   2013 and 21st September 2013, they will be able to buy The   Wonderful 101 on Nintendo eShop on the same Wii U for 30% off the regular   Nintendo eShop price once it is released and only until 21st   September 2013.

Kirby’s Dream Land™ 3
Wii U
(Virtual Console – Super Nintendo)
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 €7.99
Game Description: King Dedede has been possessed by an evil   force and is causing trouble all over Dream Land and only Kirby can   save the day! As usual, Kirby can swallow his enemies and absorb their   abilities like fire, ice or stone; but also Kirby can call on his animal   friends like Rick the Hamster and Nago the Cat. He can also summon his   stretchy-tongued pal Gooey, controlled either by the computer or a friend.   With its colourful 2D graphics, classic gameplay and abundant cuteness,   Kirby’s Dream Land 3 oozes old-school   charm!

This is the US version of the game.

(D4 Enterprise)
(Virtual Console)
Wii Shop Channel from 25/7/13 900 Points
Game Description: In this side scrolling action game set in Washington City, which was initially   released in 1991, the player takes the role of a super warrior who must   battle against ghosts from the past bent on taking over the present. The main   feature of this title is the ability to change characters in mid-play. If you   release an incarcerated character while fighting against the enemy, that   character becomes available for you to use. The key to a successful strategy   is adeptly switching among the ninja dog, samurai or ninja according to the   situation. You can also pick up items like weapons and orbs that give you   magical attacks. Not only is there adventure to be had in the regular world,   but also in a parallel universe, where stages change at a hectic pace, with   never a dull moment.
Super Black Bass 3D
(Rising Star Games)
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 €19.99
Game Description: The ultimate 3D fishing experience! Cast your   line as you would in real life – imitate real fishing actions for an   immersive experience. Battle changing conditions to achieve more challenging   catches – changing seasons, weather and time all affect your fishing style.   Worldwide ranking system – challenge fellow anglers from around the world   across five competitive categories.
I Love My Pets
(Big Ben)
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 €29.99
Game Description: Become the manager of a hotel for cats and   dogs and take care of your pets: take your puppy out for a walk in the park,   teach them to jump over a skipping-rope, pet them, play Frisbee with them…   Brush your cat, teach them to hunt, train them for an obstacle course… and   make them purr! Choose between 16 breeds of cats and dogs: Dalmatian, Labrador, Husky, Siamese,   tabby… and play hide-and-seek with your pet with the AR Card of your   Nintendo 3DS™!
Street Gangs
(Arc System Works)
Nintendo 3DS
(Virtual Console – NES)
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 €4.99
Game Description: Street Gangs is the Western version of the   acclaimed Japanese hit Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, a unique mix of beat ‘em   up and RPG. Friends Alex and Ryan must save River City from the evil Slick   and his gang who have also kidnapped Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi. Fight your way   through gang members and bosses, raise your stats by eating the right foods,   and gain new techniques by reading special books. Play solo or battle with   two players simultaneously via Download Play (only one copy of the game is   required).
Petit Computer
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 €7.99
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi Shop from 25/7/13 800 Points
Game Description: Petit Computer is an easy-to-use programming   tool that lets you create everything from music, to images, to your very own   original games using an adapted version of the classic BASIC programming   language. Whether you have experience of BASIC, or are a complete novice, you   will find that Petit Computer will give you the skills you need to create   your own programs. You can select commands and run programs using the   Nintendo DSi™/Nintendo 3DS™ Touch Screen, and you can even share your   creations via Nintendo Network, allowing you to collaborate with other users.   You can also create special QR Code® patterns containing your programs that   other users can scan using their Nintendo DSi/Nintendo 3DS system camera.   Petit Computer is a perfect companion for anyone who has ever wanted to delve   deeper into the world of computer programming.

Special offers

Platform Price* Available on
Wii U™ Panorama View Birds in Flight (Nintendo) Wii U
Nintendo eShop from 25/7/13 until 08/8/2013.
Wii U™ Panorama View Carnival! (Nintendo) €1.99
Wii U™ Panorama View Double-Decker Tour (Nintendo) €1.99
Wii U™ Panorama View Rickshaw Around Kyoto (Nintendo) €1.99
If you buy or own any three out of these four Wii U Panorama   View video tours, you can download the fourth one for free! Only from 25/7/13 until 08/8/13.


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