THQ Announce Puss In Boots Videogame

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This winter, gamers will discover just how much swordsmanship, charm and flair one cat can contain, in THQ’s Puss In Boots videogame, scheduled for release just prior to the debut of the new animated comedy-adventure from DreamWorks Animation SKG, INC. Available on Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Move-compatible), Wii and Nintendo DS, the Puss In Boots videogame takes players on a wild journey into the past of the legendary hero, long before he met Shrek.

In this swashbuckling adventure, players must master the ways of the sword and tap into their sly feline capabilities to help Puss clear his name, repay the citizens of his hometown of San Ricardo, and even serenade a few senoritas along the way. With real-time swordplay woven throughout the Puss In Boots videogame, players will swing, kick, block and unleash special attacks, like the adorable yet deadly “Claw Frenzy.” With practice, players will also master Puss’ stealthy ways as they climb, leap and sneak to avoid detection.

“This title beautifully brings to life all the charm, action and humour inherent in the Puss In Boots origin story,” said Martin Good, Executive Vice President of PlayTHQ(TM), the company’s division for kids, family and casual games. “The depth of this journey, the richness of the atmosphere and the level of interaction with environments make for very exciting gameplay.”

On Kinect for Xbox 360, players can actually become Puss, stepping into his boots and utilizing full-body motions to fight off banditos – dodging attacks, engaging in fast-paced sword fights, strumming the guitar, and wiggling to escape enemies’ clutches. In the PlayStation Move-compatible version for PlayStation 3, players can choose between their trusty controllers or the PlayStation Move remote, which allows them to engage in motion-based swashbuckling. Taking up the PlayStation Move remote allows players to master the sword in a full-motion sword fighting experience.

With Wii, adventurers use the Wii Remote to slash with Puss In Boots’ sword, the Nunchuk to dodge enemy attacks, and button combinations to perform special attacks that deliver devastating damage to foes. On Nintendo DS handheld systems the movie’s storyline continues with an all-new plot that finds Puss engaging in dynamic swordfights, flamenco style dance battles and dozens of other mini games for endless on-the-go fun.

The Puss In Boots videogame is scheduled for release on Wii and Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Kinect for Xbox 360 this winter. Its release coincides with the theatrical release of DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Puss In Boots videogame.


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