Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro Price & Packaging Revealed

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe Nintendo 3DS is soon to receive it’s first official accessory that reaches beyond a simple stylus or carrying case, as the Circle Pad Pro attachment is set to launch next week. Available in a bundle with the highly anticipated Resident Evil: Revelations, Electronic Theatre has today received details on the solus offering of the unit.

The Circle Pad Pro is designed to increase the flexibility of control options available to Nintendo 3DS software. It consists of a shell that the Nintendo 3DS slots into with an additional Circle Pad on the right-hand sideElectronic Theatre Image and three shoulder buttons; these are R Button and the new ZR and ZL Buttons. The player uses his Circle Pad Pro by slotting his Nintendo 3DS console into the accessory; the console will then recognise the accessory via infrared transceiver.

The new accessory allows some Nintendo 3DS software titles to be played more efficiently and comfortably by the use of the new Right Circle Pad, as well as offering new features via the new shoulder buttons (depending on software). However, the software must be pre-programmed for use with the accessory. The Circle Pad Pro is powered by one AAA Battery, which will reportedly offer approximately 480 hours of continuous use.

Set for release next week, 27th January 2012, the Circle Pad Pro will be available with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £14.99. The official box art design for the accessory can be seen on this very page, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all software designed for use with the Circle Pad Pro.


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