Pokémon Dream Radar, Robot Rescue 2 & More Now Available via Nintendo Digital Channels

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Electronic Theatre ImageNintendo has today launched the long awaited Pokémon Dream Radar on Nintendo 3DS, available to download now from the Nintendo eShop. Also available this week via Nintendo digital channels is Hana Samurai: Art of the Sword and Colours 3D, the latter of which is available for a special introductory price.

Below follows the full details of this week’s new digital releases for Nintendo consoles, including Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi formats. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest eShop updates from Nintendo.



Title Platform Available on Price Point
Pokémon Dream Radar


Nintendo 3DS

(Download Software)

Nintendo eShop £2.69 GBP
Game Description:  Chase down Pokémon as if they’re in the real world in this motion-controlled action game. Taking on the role of an assistant who works for Professor Burnet – a scientist studying the Interdream Zone – move your Nintendo 3DS console around to shoot your light beam at Dream Clouds and collect rewards. The Pokémon you catch or items you pick up in Pokémon Dream Radar can be transferred to Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, giving you more ways to fill up your Pokédex. You may even find Pokémon with hidden abilities as well as items you can’t get in those games!
Hana Samurai

Art of the Sword™ (Nintendo)

Nintendo 3DS

(Download Software)

Nintendo eShop £6.29
Game Description:  Leave button bashing behind in Hana Samurai: Art of the Sword as you use precision swordplay to rescue the legendary Princess Cherry Blossom and prove that you truly are the Sakura Samurai. Starting with just a Sakura Sword and some basic training from your water-spirit guide, you must learn to predict your foes’ moves, deftly dodge their attacks and create opportunities for devastating counterattacks as you fight through huge castles, duel epic bosses and defeat dozens of blade-wielding henchmen.
Robot Rescue 2


Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo eShop £1.79
Nintendo DSi


Nintendo DSi Shop 200 Points
Game Description:  The rules are simple but the solutions aren’t as fiendishly difficult Robot Rescue returns in Robot Rescue 2. Navigate a cadre of codependent robots through 60 diabolically difficult levels in an evil computer labyrinth brimming with hostile traps. To make it even harder, the robots share linked controls meaning that moving one robot moves them all and to get through certain exits or passages, you’ll even need to repaint them by stepping on special tiles. It’ll take patience, planning and nerves of titanium to see your robots safely home!



Colors! 3D

(Collecting Smiles)

Nintendo 3DS

(Download Software)

Nintendo eShop Special Launch Week Price: £4.49

Typical Price: £5.40

Game Description:  Whether you are looking to sketch, paint or draw up your next plans for world domination, Colors! 3D is an easy to use yet powerful painting application allowing you to create and view your own 3D paintings for the very first time. Based on modern painting techniques and originally developed for professional drawing tablets, Colors! 3D caters to everyone from serious artists to aimless doodlers. With 3DS Local Play you can paint together with a friend and you can even connect to the online Colors! 3D gallery to share your creations with the world. Limited time only special offer price available now!


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