Wizard Defenders Coming to DSiWare

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Teyon has today announced the collaborated release of their Japanese title, Wizard Defenders to audiences in Europe and North America. A new match-3 puzzle videogame, Wizard Defenders features special spell enhancements and monster aggressors to keep the action fast and challenging.

The videogame revolves around an invasion of monsters to an enchanted land inhabited by wizards and sorceresses. The combination of match-3 puzzle and continuous gameplay provides gamers with an increasingly difficult challenge, with more variations of monsters making an appearance on the screen as the action progresses. Using the match-3 function you are required to combine the same coloured wizards together to create diverse magical spells to destroy the approaching monsters and any barricades they create.

Wizard Defenders will be available in Europe from Thursday, 13th December 2012, and in North America from the 27th December, priced at 200 Nintendo DSi Points via Nintendo DSiWare and €2/$1.99 in Nintendo eShop. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest releases from Teyon.


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