Shinobi Nintendo 3DS Box Art Revealed

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Electronic Theatre Image

            SEGA recently revealed their intentions to revive the Shinobi franchise on Nintendo 3DS, to the surprise of many gamers. Much further along in development than many would have expected, Shinobi is currently suggested for release this September, and as the latest stage in the reveal comes the official box art design for the game.

             Gamers will be given the chance to re-experience the classic gameplay of the original Shinobi titles, given a modern twist on the Nintendo 3DS. Pattern-based enemies, Electronic Theatre Imagetwitch gameplay and side-scrolling action all come together with an updated and unique visual 3D style, deeper combat, and all-new challenges. Defeat enemies with skill and style as you switch between ranged, melee and acrobatic attacks on the fly, and rely on your Ninja magic to get you out of tight spots and give you advantage during intense fights.

With a brand new combo system to master, a host of achievements to unlock and challenge maps to complete, players will need to return again and again to better your score and ranking. Watch recorded replays to help find your weaknesses and perfect your Ninja skills, and use the StreetPass functionality to unlock unique Retro Challenge Maps and play as Joe Musashi, the legendary character from the original game. Shinobi is currently expected to launch on Nintendo 3DS this coming September, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other forthcoming SEGA titles.



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