Jewel Time Deluxe Box Art Revealed

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Electronic Theatre Image

            Following the publication of a selection of new screenshots taken from the forthcoming Jewel Time Deluxe earlier this week, Electronic Theatre today brings you the final box art design for the game. Perfectly in time for you to know what you’re looking for when the game hits store shelves tomorrow morning, the box art available below represents both the Nintendo DS and PC versions of the game.

            Jewel Time Deluxe is a Match-3 puzzle game that promises to go beyond the normal limits of the genre. Offering multiple gameplay modes and some original ways to play, Jewel Time Deluxe is set for release in the UK tomorrow, 17th June 2011. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Jewel Time Deluxe, including an in-depth review coming soon.



Electronic Theatre Image  



 Electronic Theatre Image


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