Nintendo 3DS Hitting Europe in March 2011

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            At Nintendo’s press conference in Japan this morning, the company revealed the intended release date fort their forthcoming Nintendo 3DS console. Making it’s way to Japan on 26th February 2011, the system will launch in Europe and North America shortly after, in March.

            Along with the announcement of a release date, Nintendo are showcasing a number of previously unannounced titles. Chocobo Racing, Animal Crossing and Ridge Racer will beElectronic Theatre Image making their way to the system, and it was also revealed that Capcom’s conversion of Street Fighter IV will be able to communicate wirelessly, even hosting fights through Wi-Fi.

            Set to be available in two colours, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black, no price has yet been announced for North America or Europe, but the Japanese version will retail for 25,000 Yen, approximately $298 USD. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Nintendo 3DS, and the forthcoming software for the system.






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