Call of Atlantis Released Today

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            Easy Interactive’s Call of Atlantis for Nintendo DS, the third instalment in the popular Atlantis game series, has launched today. Call of Atlantis is a match-3 game that throws in hidden object challenges and a compelling story in to the mix.
            The game is set on the legendary island of Atlantis, once a peaceful paradise protected by Poseidon, but now in turmoil as its inhabitants have become spoilt and forsaken the powerful God of Atlantis. Players must restore peace to the land by travelling the world and collecting the seven special crystals that Poseidon once used to protect the island, thereby saving Atlantis and its people by returning the mystical crystals to Poseidon’s altar. Call of Atlantis features sixty-six levels, facts and trivia, hidden levels, and a variety of bonus power ups.
            Easy Interactive Managing Director, Michel van Elmpt, comments, “The Atlantis game series has proven to be enormously popular on the PC, which is a key reason for us bringing it to the Nintendo DS. Match-3 is a staple genre for casual gamers and the demand is there for variations in rules and themes, so we’re confident that Call of Atlantis will be a hit with casual gaming fans.” Electronic Theatre will keep you updated on all the latest news about Call of Atlantis.



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