Dead or Alive: Dimensions Box Art Revealed

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            Tecmo Koei Europe today revealed the Box Art for their forthcoming release Dead or Alive: Dimensions at the Amsterdam Nintendo 3DS Preview Event. First announced at E3 in June 2010, Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be the fifteenth title in the Dead or Alive series and one of the first games to utilise the Nintendo 3DS.  

            Dead or Alive: Dimensions features a brand new Chronicle Mode which features a story line that spans the entire Dead or Alive history. The familiar Arcade Mode returns with access to twenty characters including Helena, Zack, Lei Fang and Hayate.

            The Box Art featured below features the characters Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa from the game. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated on all the latest details about Dead or Alive: Dimensions.



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