eBay Weekly Deal Offer Nintendo 3DS for £186.99

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eBay is currently offering the new Nintendo 3DS console for only £186.99 as part of it’s ‘Weekly Deal’ promotional activity. One of the cheapest console-only deals currently on the market, the promotion could save gamers up to 18% on the typical retail price of £229.99.

The Nintendo 3DS follows in the footsteps of the popular Nintendo DS family of consoles, featuring the traditional dual-screen set-up. The Nintendo 3DS’s top 3.5-inch gaming Electronic Theatre Imagedisplay is designed to produced crisp 3D images, while the bottom 3D-less display works as the touchscreen. The sleek machine also presents improved graphics capabilities over previous Nintendo DS models, as well as incorporating new motion-sensor controls.

As part of its Weekly Deals, eBay is offering the highly-anticipated console from entertainment retailer, Zavvi, until 8am on Thursday 31st March. The great deal also includes free UK delivery. Shoppers can purchase now and choose from aqua blue or cosmic black at http://shop.ebay.co.uk/zavvi_outlet/, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with future videogame related Weekly Deals from eBay.







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