Electronic Theatre Preview: DragonBall Z: Supersonic Warriors II

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Electronic Theatre ImageBig explosions, big bad guys and big hair. DragonBall Z is probably the most famous anime series ever, and for good reason, since almost every episode involves unbelievably excessive fights, with the destruction of one or more cities/countries/planets mandatory as several jacked up super heroes and super villains go to war using their fists, kicks and energy blasts. Sounds like an excellent franchise to make a NintendoDS Fighting game doesn’t it? Well all you NintendoDS owning DragonBall Z fans are in for a treat, because on Friday 25th November, 2005, DragonBall Z: Supersonic Warriors II is coming to the NintendoDS.


Electronic Theatre Image

DragonBall Z: Supersonic Warriors II is a Tag Beat-‘Em-Up in which you take control of many of the series’ famous characters. Using a Point System similar to the method used in Capcom vs. SNK, all characters are worth a certain amount of points, for example, two big characters may be worth the same amount of points as three smaller fighters, but the difference in power between the larger and smaller warriors should offset the numerical advantage, so a little thought must be put in to your team selection. As is traditional in DragonBall Z games, most of the battle will occur in the air as all characters can fly and the game is structured to give a 3D effect. Featuring huge explosions, super fast fighting and all your favourite characters, Goku and friends should deliver a cracking fighting game on a system with few current titles in the genre.












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