Electronic Theatre Preview: Big Brain Academy

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Electronic Theatre ImageOne of Nintendo’s new brain-busters for its NintendoDS is Big Brain Academy to help test your IQ and reflexes so everyone can now test who’s smartest out of the bunch.

            All operated by the NintendoDS’s Touch Screen, the basic game or test is divided into five categories; Electronic Theatre ImageCompute, Analyse, Memorise, Think and Identify.

Each has certain time limit and all are down to speed and brain power to see how many can be done right before the time runs out.

            For most it’s a simple case of maths or memory, for instance, under Identify there are simple matching shapes to join-up from single to groups. Memorise would flash-up numbers and shapes in a certain order to test the old grey matter or Compute gives a certain amount of blocks to count and remember.

            After going through all five of the sections it is time for the results, how brainy will you be; top of the class or the class clown? There are two scores, firstly is your brain weight in grams; the higher the weight the smarter you are and higher the Final Score becomes. Then the Final Score, rated A as the highest going down to B, C, D and so on, with a comparison being made to someone famous (one gamer getting Michelangelo a lot).

            This is Nintendo trying to push the NintendoDS out to a wider market and by the looks of things at the E3 stand, it well might work. It’s another addictive game from them which has everyone coming back for more to improve their times and up the old IQ score a bit further, as we all love to compete against each other. Another hit on their hands.




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