Electronic Theatre Preview: CastleVania: Portrait of Ruin

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Electronic Theatre Image            CastleVania: Dawn Of Sorrow is one of the most enticing Platform/RPG/Adventure titles on the NintendoDS. Continuing CastleVania’s 2D success story is the next title in the series headed to the NintendoDS: CastleVania: Portrait Of Ruin.

Electronic Theatre Image            Remaining in the style of the NintendoDS predecessor, and the Game Boy Advance’s CastleVania: Aria Of Sorrow before it, CastleVania: Portrait Of Ruin features a huge variety of Magic Attacks and weaponry. Now featuring two playable hot-swappable characters, a major innovation comes in the form of bringing the second onto the screen with you. The R Trigger brings your partner into combat with you; controlled by the A.I. they instantly attack any enemies on-screen whilst remaining smart enough to avoid certain death. Dual-attacks can be performed by pressing Up on the D-Pad in conjunction with the X Button, whereas a simple press of the X Button switches which character the play controls. Both characters share Health and Magic Meters, whilst each has access to different weapons.

            Many enemies now feature 3D effects whilst the gameplay remains entirely on the 2D plane, and the sprawling environments with an insane amount of secrets and optional passageways. The graphics have had only a slight polish since the series’ last instalment, which had only a slight polish over the release before it, but, in all honesty; it doesn’t need to look any better. Due to arrive in the UK before Christmas 2006, CastleVania fans certainly have something to look forward to.




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