Electronic Theatre Preview: KirbyDS

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Electronic Theatre ImageKirby’s back again for the NintendoDS, after his first outing with Kirby: Power Paintbrush we now have KirbyDS for all the lovers of the pink blob. At the moment only in its Japanese form, the title will undoubtedly come in English for those not-too-hot on their Japanese reading. Kirby still retains all his usual moves which are very easy to pick-up so as long as trying to understand the storyline isn’t important; getting a copy on import if you’re impatient shouldn’t be too hard.

            If Kirby is completely new to anyone out there, the basic jist of the character is he’s a pink, gelatinous Electronic Theatre Imagecreature that can fly by sucking in air to turn into a balloon and then float back down, and can eat enemies or items to blow at them to destroy them. Kirby’s main trick, which has been in every game he’s appeared in so far, is that when an enemy has been eaten, he can absorb an ability from the enemy to help advance further past a puzzle or another enemy.

            The E3 Demo on display unfortunately had only one playable Level, so gaining an accurate feel and idea of this new version is a bit difficult, all the moves were there but not a lot else, a couple of unchallenging foes but nothing to hinder finishing the Level in under a minute – which won’t hold a great attraction to many gamers, although Kirby has never really been aimed at an older audience.

            As we all know Nintendo like to keep things close to their chest, and would never put on show any game that doesn’t get past their ridiculously high development standards, KirbyDS did play reasonably well, but judgement will be reserved till the final game is released as, hopefully, it will perform better than this simple Preview Code could ever show.





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