Electronic Theatre Preview: StarFoxDS

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Electronic Theatre Image          To Nintendo’s Touch Screen marvel comes StarFoxDS and it’s looking to be everything the fans want at this early stage already. It still has a way to go, as there was no fully playable game; what was offered were four Training Levels to help teach the basics of the Touch Screen controls against a few basic enemies.

         A lot of the abilities will be very familiar to anyone who has played previous releases in the StarFox series, Electronic Theatre Imagestill being able to Loop-The-Loop and U-Turn, but now these are accessed via two buttons on the Touch Screen: one either side of the main control area, resulting in the moves being quick and easy to execute. All the main flying controls feel accurate and fluid – it does everything when it’s told to – and the control screen also doubles-up as a Map. The Boost and Brake controls are located on the Touch Screen also, with a double-tap at the top for Boost or at the bottom for Brake, but these two controls were the only negative point to mention, simply because at times rather than Boosting all that would happen would be a slight movement upwards or worse-still, when trying to Brake when low flying, crashing into the ground.

         Bombs in StarFoxDS, instead of being fired from the Arwing, are controlled via a Drag-And-Drop System. The Bomb symbol is situated on the right of the Touch Screen, using the Stylus to select and dragging it to the desired spot on the Map, which in-turn drops from the sky to destroy anything nearby, the benefit being it can be anywhere around the Arwing, not just in front.

         The four Training Levels were in one open-ended area to teach Bombs, Lock-on, Boost, Brake, Loop and U-Turns with air and ground-based enemies to destroy with Stars and Time Bonuses to collect.

         The Arwing looks very nice, well-drawn and detailed enemies were featured, but as an early code the actual area was unimpressive and bland. This is another Nintendo game that should be kept an eye-on as it looks like they could have another addictive classic on their hands for their portable wonder.




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