Electronic Theatre Preview: Star Trek: Tactical Assault

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Electronic Theatre Image         Star Trek is evidently one of biggest Science Fiction franchises in the world. The series has been converted from television to film and, as is the norm, to game on more than one occasion. Similar to Star Wars, developers making Star Trek games already have a huge universe of inspiration to work with and as such, are usually guaranteed not only to have a predetermined premise and plotline, but also a huge number of fans willing to purchase a game based entirely on the strength of the original licence.

Electronic Theatre ImageNext in the long line of console Star Trek games is Star Trek: Tactical Assault from the illustrious Bethesda Softworks, makers of the ever popular Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Star Trek: Tactical Assault is coming to NintendoDS and PSP, although in this article we’ll be looking and the NintendoDS version. The game is set in the original Star Trek universe, around the time of Captain Kirk. Star Trek: Tactical Assault is, according to Bethesda Softworks, heavily story-driven and based entirely on the choices of the player allowing multiple story arcs. It is also said to have a lengthy twenty-hour Campaign that takes place firstly as the United Federation Of Planets and secondly as the Klingon Empire. Star Trek: Tactical Assault also features Skimish and Local Multi-Player Modes in which the player can use ships from five of the Star Trek races, each of which are unlocked through completion of the main story.

Although lacking the slightly shiner graphics of the PSP adaptation, the NintendoDS version extensively uses the Touch Screen, in fact, all control can done by a combination the Touch Screen and the L Button to Lock-On to targets, or, as we are reliably informed, the R Button for lefties come the final code. The Touch Screen is set-out to be very similar to the computer screens shown in the series, a real plus for Trekkies. For example, the Level Of Alert is set by the player; with green the standard, yellow for Charging Shields and Red for Charging Weapons. Each ship has a main and auxiliary energy, with auxiliary energy useful for overcharging weapons, shields and engines while the main power source is charged. Hailing, Scanning and weapons are all also controlled on the Touch Screen, as is movement, however, at the moment, Touch Screen movement controls are very sluggish, an element that will need to be sorted for release. The game is also set at a decidedly slow-paced for a console title with an emphasis on play closely mimicking the action of the Television series. Weapons are fired by the user, Electronic Theatre Imagebut aimed automatically as opposed to the mad-firing style of most handheld console titles, something that may prove detrimental to its sales.

Although presented nicely, Star Trek: Tactical Assault is no graphical tour-de-force. The game features a 3D environment although it seems movement is only on the vertical-plane. It is, however, clear enough to figure-out what is happening and will feature dozens of accurately modelled ships from the Star Trek universe. As it stands Star Trek: Tactical Assault could prove an engaging experience on lengthened play and is likely to attract much attention from Trekkies, but is unlikely to garner much interest from the common gamer.












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