Electronic Theatre Preview: Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Electronic Theatre ImageMake sure you’re feeling sharp when Hotel Dusk: Room 215 launches exclusively on the NintendoDS this spring. From the makers of Another Code: Two Memories, this compelling and multi-layered mystery title thrusts players into the midst of a gripping adventure, which they must unravel piece by piece to reveal the hidden secrets. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 launches across Europe on the NintendoDS on the 13th April, 2007.

Electronic Theatre ImageHotel Dusk: Room 215 is a gripping adventure which captures all of the excitement of a good mystery novel. As the game progresses, the immersive and intriguing storyline means players will not want to put their NintendoDS down until they know what happens next, just like a great book. To add to the literary feel of this enthralling adventure, players must hold the NintendoDS vertically like a book as they guide the main character Kyle through his mysterious surroundings using the Touch Screen.

Players take on the role of retired New York cop Kyle Hyde, who flees the Big Apple following his involvement in the disappearance of his close friend, Bradley. Kyle now works as a salesman for Red Crown Company in California and one night in December 1979 stops for the night in a mysterious old hotel in the middle of the desert. It soon becomes apparent to Kyle that everything is not as it seems. The players must piece together the many missing elements of his past that are entwined with the residents of Hotel Dusk, such as Louis DeNonno a former New York pickpocket whose best friend was killed by a man known only as ‘J’ and Mila, a mysterious young girl with the same bracelet his best friend wore three years ago before he disappeared.

Thanks to the NintendoDS’s dual screens, players can view the full 3D environment they are exploring on the left and a Map they can navigate around using the Stylus on the right.Electronic Theatre Image In order to investigate locations in more detail, players can ‘swap’ the view and employ the Stylus to check objects and items of interest. This unique feature provides players with a real sense of freedom in the game as they can explore every inch of every room and leave no stone unturned.

Puzzle solving is an important feature of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and one that helps progress the intricate storyline. At the end of each chapter, Kyle recaps the important clues and plot elements that he has discovered during his investigation through a mini-quiz. Players can also take notes in Kyle’s notepad using the Stylus – just like a real detective! These elements all help to contribute to a longer, more intricate level of gameplay than its predecessor, Another Code: Two Memories.

As things get tense and Kyle nears the conclusion of his adventure, players will find their blood pumping faster and their nerves on edge. Hotel Dusk: Room 215’s compatibility with the NintendoDS Rumble Pak further adds to this excitement as the Force Feedback coincides with vital moments in the game’s plot ensuring the player’s complete immersion in this mind-boggling mystery.



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