Electronic Theatre Preview: Custom Robo Arena

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Electronic Theatre ImageTake up the challenge and design the ultimate fighting machine as Custom Robo Arena launches on the NintendoDS. With hundreds of components to choose from, players can compete against the computer, friends and family or even battle it out to prove their skills against Robo Commanders from across the globe, utilising the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service. Custom Robo Arena launches across Europe on 25th May 2007.

Electronic Theatre ImagePlayers follow the adventures of a young boy who has just transferred to Midheart High School and dreams both of winning the CustomRobo Championship and fighting Robo-crime by joining the police force. Under the guidance of his new friend, Liv, our hero must learn the skills of a Robo Fighter.

The aim of the game is to compete in prestigious Custom Robo competitions but, before taking part in the tournament, players must complete challenges and competitions to unlock all the key elements needed to create the best robot in the world. These consist of Body, Pod, Gun, Bombs and legs, all of which can be selected for the robot and manipulated using the NintendoDS Touch Screen in Pose Mode.

Once the first spare parts are found in-game, you can start customising the components for your Robot at the Garage, where Robots are prepared for Battle. Having unlocked all the parts, players will have thousands of combinations to choose from to produce their ideal combination of attack, speed and defensive abilities. This variety allows players to alter their Robots to suit every situation.

Battles are fought in colourful 3D Battle Arenas, with obstacles for the player to run around, jump onto and even hide behind during a challengeElectronic Theatre Image which all adds to the intensity of the fight. Throughout the game players must aim to crush their opponent with the full force of their machine, whist avoiding all blows from the challenging Custom Robo. This requires players to strategically assess all elements of a fight to customize the ultimate winning robot!

During the Single-Player Battle Mode in Custom Robo Arena, players set-out to become the ultimate Robo Commander champion, moving their robot with the D-Pad and using the Face Buttons to dispatch opponents with bombs and gunfire. The unlockable Robocade is an area where players can battle against a freely customisable opponent as well as take part in arcade style battles to increase their scores. Depending on their performance players will be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Trophy. But to be eligible for this extra honour they must win five bouts in a row.

In addition to these modes, gamers have the opportunity to take on other players around the world with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. The game’s Multi-Player Mode allows players to choose to battle with a randomly selected opponent, people of a similar ability level or even with a specific friend. Friends and Rivals Codes can also be managed, creating rosters and tracking their progress in Custom Robo Arena.

So get designing and prepare for battle as Custom Robo Arena smashes its way onto shelves across Europe on 25th May, 2007.







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