Electronic Theatre Preview: Exit DS

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Electronic Theatre Image            Having already been shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2007, Exit DS is expected to release very soon. Following the pattern laid out by the PlayStation Portable original, the title features the enigmatic Mr. Esc and his Comic Book styled adventures.

Electronic Theatre Image            The NintendoDS release is entirely Touch Screen operated and, in it’s current state, is all the worse for it. The title’s gestures are seemingly too closely related, as certain commands are awkward to execute at best. Jumping and climbing is performed by stroking upwards with the Stylus, whereas pushing crates can be performed by stroking horizontally. The two commands often get confused, and in time-based puzzle Levels, “frustration” doesn’t do it justice.

            The game looks good on the NintendoDS and shows all the promise the original did. However, like the original, fumblings and misplaced challenges seem set to tar an otherwise inventive title.








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