Electronic Theatre Preview: Final Fantasy IV

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Electronic Theatre ImageOriginally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, Final Fantasy IV was hailed as a groundbreaking title that, to this day, is considered by gamers and critics alike as one of the best games ever made. With its groundbreaking Active Time Battle System and engrossing, character-driven plot, the game completely altered the landscape of the RPG genre.

Electronic Theatre ImageNow, SquareEnix breathes new life into this classic for the 21st century. Final Fantasy IV for NintendoDS features beautiful, fully 3D Cut-Scenes with voiceovers, capturing the emotional drama that first touched the hearts of fans over fifteen years ago. The new ability system and added NintendoDS functionality introduce a fresh experience to both new and returning Final Fantasy IV fans. With a storyline that sets the stage for all subsequent Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy IV is a must-play for those looking to jump into the best-selling RPG franchise in the world.

The title features similar Touch Screen control to that of Final Fantasy III and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Wireless play is also assured, but hasn’t yet been demonstrated. Final Fantasy IV is scheduled to ship in the US this July; we expect a UK release date soon.










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