Electronic Theatre Preview: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades

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Electronic Theatre Image            Announced at Nintendo’s Pre-E3 2008 Media Briefing, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades will be arriving on NintendoDS before the year is out in the US. No European release has been announced, but it’s expected either at the same time, or by Easter 2009. Having stated that Guitar Hero: On Tour had shot straight to the top of their US best-seller list, Activision were, quite obviously, cagey about the details, but what we do know, and what Electronic Theatre endeavoured to find out for you, can be found below.


            The game is expected to follow the same retail model as it’s predecessor, but also be available as a solo Game CardElectronic Theatre Image with a typical £29.99-£34.99 RRP. Using the same game engine, little is likely to change aside from maybe a little cleaning-up of some of the minor graphical glitches. Vicarious Visions are suggested to be the developers, as with the first title on NintendoDS, and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on Wii, but at the time of publication we’re still waiting for a response from Activision as to whether or not this is the case.

            The big feature announced was the ability to share songs between different versions of the game. This has been taken in two ways; firstly, the logical conclusion is that those with the original Guitar Hero: On Tour will be able to link with those playing Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades and play songs that don’t appear on their Game Card co-operatively or competitively, and vice-versa. The second conclusion is that Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades may not be a game, but in-fact a series, and each will contain a compilation of songs from a specific era. Players will then be able to link to others, and play songs on other players Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades Game Cards and adding them to their collection.

            While the first thought is quite practical and most likely what Activision and Nintendo were hinting at, the second does lead to some interesting (and expensive) possibilities for the future of the NintendoDS’s Guitar Hero outings.




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