New To-Fu Collection Trailer Revealed

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe official release of the long awaited To-Fu Collection is drawing near, and to celebrate Rising Star Games has revealed a brand new trailer for the videogame. To-Fu Collection will be available for Nintendo DS, also compatible with Nintendo 3DS, this summer.

To-Fu Collection brings together two popular iOS videogames on one Nintendo DS Game Card. Combining To-Fu: The Trials of Chi and To-Fu 2 into one package,Electronic Theatre Image gamers can experience the same challenging gameplay that has engrossed over a million iOS gamers on their handheld console. Stretch and ping To-Fu as he tries to become the illustrious ‘Master of Chi’, as in each new trial comes a multitude of dangers from slippery walls to deadly circular saws, all designed to stop you reaching the Fortune Kitty exit.

Set for release on the Nintendo DS family of consoles this summer, To-Fu Collection has been developed by HotGen Ltd., and will be published by Rising Star Games. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on To-Fu Collection and other forthcoming titles from the UK based publisher.


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