LEGO The Lord of the Rings Developer Diary Revealed: Recreating Middle-Earth

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Electronic Theatre ImageWhile the Fellowship may have taken up the great task to save Middle-earth, TT Games has taken up the creative challenge to recreate it. This new developer diary is the first in a series of videos in which TT Games reveals how LEGO The Lord of the Rings is perhaps one of most cinematic videogames they have created to date.

The massive scale of the Fellowship’s journey has been seamlessly rebuilt, with all of the recognisable locations and unforgettable battles having been forged again brick by brick. And with voices and linesElectronic Theatre Image borrowed directly from the films, LEGO  The Lord of the Rings maintains the same great, memorable characters established by the books and motion pictures.

Keep an eye out for more entries in this developer diary series over the coming weeks right here at Electronic Theatre, as we get ready for the release of LEGO The Lord of the Rings this autumn for Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC.



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