Debut The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Trailer Revealed

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O-Games have released the official debut trailer for upcoming mystery title The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Announced only last month, The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is set for release on Nintendo DS and PC in February.

This thrilling mystery and hidden object game takes you to the streets of London in 1886. There have been fearful whispers of a grotesque human monster prowling the shadowy alleys of the Soho district. A murder of a prosperous citizen with a faultless reputation is posing puzzling questions. Why did he have to die? Who is responsible for this crime? Step into the role of Inspector Newcomen & with the help of your good friend Dr Jekyll you work together to solve this mysterious case.

Throughout your investigation you will have to complete over thirty mini-games: collect fingerprints, examine your findings, navigate your way through all the twist & turns of the story and solve the crime. The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is out for Nintendo DS & PC on 18th February 2011, Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.





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