Nintendo 3DS Launch Marketing Campaign Begins; Debut Trailer Revealed

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            Nintendo have today begun the launch campaign for the Nintendo 3DS console in the UK. Although we may still be two months from launch – to the day, in fact – Nintendo is keen to highlight the differences between your existing Nintendo DS console and the Nintendo 3DS system, as can aptly be seen in this brand new, debut trailer for the console.

            Offered with the lengthy tagline ‘The future is here: Real 3D gaming anywhere you want to play, no glasses required.’ The debut trailer is similar to that which was shown to press at a recent event in Amsterdam, at which details on the European launch were revealed. The largest differences are of course the inclusion of two young, attractive players getting hands-on with the system, and clearly enjoying it.

            The Nintendo 3DS system is due to hit Europe on 25th March 2011, with the price varying between £199 and £219 at UK specialist retailers and national chains. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Nintendo 3DS system and its forthcoming software line-up.







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