More New World of Planes Screenshots

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Following the re-launch of World of Planes’ official community portal, Gaijin Entertainment has revealed yet another selection of new screenshots taken from the forthcoming videogame. World of Planes has recently undergone a very small but successful closed beta test, and as such Gaijin Entertainment is more open to revealing new details from the videogame.

Two different sets of screenshots have been revealed over the last two weeks. The first one, located here, presents pictures depicting the Battle of Britain, as RAF and Luftwaffe aircrafts clash in the skies above Dover. The second set of screenshots, available below, is completely devoted to the Pacific theatre of war, where US and Japanese aces met each other in the crosshairs of their Wildcats and Zeroes.

World of Planes is currently expected to be available in a new closed beta build later this month, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the forthcoming videogame.















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