New Hard Reset: Extended Edition Screenshots

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Electronic Theatre ImageKalypso Media has released a series of new images from their upcoming first-person shooter (FPS), Hard Reset: Extended Edition. The new screenshots feature some of the new enemies and environments to be shown in the upcoming game for Windows PC.

Hard Reset: Extended Edition drops players into a rich cyberpunk world where cybernetic hordes of enemies must be destroyed with a variety of high-tech weaponry. Hard Reset: Extended Edition single-player FPS that presents Electronic Theatre Imageover-the-top destruction, loads of enemies and great weapon variety. Exclusive in the ‘Extended Edition’ are four new enemy types, five new campaign levels with about three hours of new gameplay, and an improved graphics engine.

Hard Reset: Extended Edition is currently expected to be available in March 2012, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other forthcoming releases from Kalypso Media.



Electronic Theatre Image

Electronic Theatre Image

Electronic Theatre Image


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