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Electronic Theatre ImageFollowing a successful debut on Windows Phone, Wordament comes to PCs with the launch of Windows 8. A videogame all about words, Wordament could be considered a cross between a wordsearch and Scrabble, but whatever else is said about it, it would be hard to deny that Wordament is a compelling videogame experience.

A free Xbox LIVE enabled videogame here just as it is on mobile devices, those who have already experienced Wordament will know exactly what to expect of this new rendition, including the fact that it’s clearly been designed for touchscreen interfaces. It is playable with a mouse of course, but it’s unlikely you’ll climb very high on that all-important leaderboard; afterElectronic Theatre Image all, that most immediate of interfaces is what made Wordament so compulsive on Windows Phone, a sentiment that is echoed on Surface devices but lessened somewhat on classically presented PCs.

The videogame is played on a simply 4×4 board, and in each block of the grid is a letter. Words must be formed by connecting adjacent letters in any direction. Letters may only be use once, but any kind of connection is fine, even going back over previous connections. Typically, the more letters in the word found will result in a higher score, however more obscure or themed words will offer bonus points. Each instance of the videogame is limited to short two-minute bursts, with your grand total submitted instantly to the online leaderboards for that specific board. You may join in the middle of a instance or have to wait thirty seconds for one to start, but bouts of Wordament are so rapid that you won’t mind the brief waits given the connectivity of each and every match.

In addition to the above mentioned themed words Wordament provides a number of other slight variations to its ruleset, dropped into the board line-up seemingly at random. Occasionally a block will contain two letters and the player will be Electronic Theatre Imageinformed of the total number of words included which make use of that block. It’s a welcome variation on the core gameplay that players will welcome when it comes around, especially as it can boost their score significantly and aid for the earning of those all-important Xbox LIVE Achievements.

Given that Wordament is an Xbox LIVE enable title gamers on your Friends List are automatically highlighted should they be playing in the same instance as you, but also gamers can elect other players on the leaderboards as ‘frenemies’. These players are highlighted also but not necessarily informed of your nomination, allowing players to subtlety set their own goals without affecting anyone else’s progress.

Available to download for all Windows 8 devices now, Wordament is a fantastic addition to the Xbox gaming component of the operating system (OS) for both casual and experienced videogame players. It’s a stunning invention, offering a fresh take on the well established word game that has gone almost unnoticed on Windows Phone. Hopefully the launch as a Windows 8 title will bring Wordament the attention it truly deserves, as Microsoft Studios clearly has a genre defining title on their hands.

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