Phishers Target Diablo III Fans

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It’s along been a common practice of phishers and spammers to solicit personal details from users of Blizzard’s online services, with subscribers to or the hugely popular World of Warcraft being regular targets. However, today things have been taken one step further with the promise of access to the forthcoming Diablo III offered as a reward for communication of important details.

To any internet-savvy user the communication is obviously from a third-party attempting to secure personal details that should not be shared online. After offering an introduction to the presentation of Diablo III, the e-mail suggests that the player would get access to the videogame even prior to the press. However, in order to continue with the process, the prospective player must provide their name, account name, password, country of origin and e-mail address. Of course, no one at, Blizzard or any other related corporation would ever ask for a user’s password.

Entry to Diablo III’s beta testing phase is certainly sought after, and for those keen to sign-up this potential opportunity could appear as genuine. However, Electronic Theatre would advise our readers to never give out their password to any online service – organisations such as this would always have another way to access your account and any associated features without requiring your personal details. Diablo III is now expected to arrive in early 2012, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the videgame.


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