Vampires Vs. Zombies Now Available

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Electronic Theatre ImageVampires Vs. Zombies, a new videogame brought to you by Alawar Entertainment, has hit the virtual shelves. Jam packed with humour and adventure, this time management videogame will lure the player into an underworld where unruly zombies wreak havoc as vampires battle to restore order.

The year is 2012. An evil dictator plots a takeover of the entire world using zombies as his means. No one is safe as his legions have already infiltrated the television waves. Viewers are turning into zombies by the dozens. The situation is dire. Enter vampires – they are the last hope for civilisation. They must battle the ghastly zombies in Electronic Theatre Imageorder to restore their evil to prominence. Their success depends on the player’s ability to effectively manage time and resources accordingly.

Each level presents its own unique set of challenges: from harvesting pumpkins, to combating a variety of zombies, to shipping off the harvest, there is so much to be done in the given time that tensions run high. If the set of tasks is completed in minimal time, more bonuses are accrued, while with more time, less is accumulated. The points are then used to purchase needed tools and added help, such as an additional vampire who can then help to ward off the unwanted zombies.

Having over eight arcade levels, seventy five time management levels and a huge variety of vampires and zombies, Vampires Vs. Zombies is filled with colourful graphics and an engaging storyline. Vampires Vs. Zombies is available now, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest titles launched courtesy of Alawar Entertainment.


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