Aeria Games Acquires ijji Games

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Electronic Theatre Image        Aeria Games has announced it has acquired ijji Games LLC, a popular free-to-play online gaming portal, from NHN Corporation as part of a strategic agreement that gives Aeria Games the first right with preferential treatment to publish NHN online games worldwide outside of Asia. Under the terms, Aeria Games also received a financial investment from NHN to further fuel growth as a global Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games market leader.

Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer of Aeria Games commented, “The acquisition of ijji Games further enhances our market leader position in the rapidly consolidating free-to-play sector of mid- and hard-core gaming. In Electronic Theatre Imageaddition to outstanding new content such as the popular Alliance of Valiant Arms and Soldier Front games and other quality titles from NHN going forward, NHN’s investment—which is our first external funding—will provide resources to facilitate our continuing growth and business expansion in multiple areas.”

Aeria Games hosts a portfolio of over thirty MMO titles spanning action, role playing, shooter, real time strategy, and racing games. The agreement boosts the company’s fast growing player base to over 35 million unique users worldwide while adding titles to its portfolio. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest news from Aeria Games.


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