Chillingo Launch Race Illegal High Speed 3D on Mac

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe third and final release from Chillingo this week, Race Illegal High Speed 3D is the latest title developed by APetrus. Challenging gamers to put the pedal to the metal in a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping, street racer, Race Illegal High Speed 3D is now available to download from Apple’s App Store.

In Race Illegal High Speed 3D, players must speed, drift, dodge, ram and race their way to legendary status in the Career Mode, or just dive in to a quick arcade race against AI Electronic Theatre Imageopponents. Race Illegal High Speed 3D puts you in the driving seat as you take on other racers in a variety of gameplay modes, winning races to earn cash, and then spending it on super powered upgrades for your ride and burn some rubber.

Race Illegal High Speed 3D is already available for iOS devices, and is now also on Mac systems via the Mac App Store priced at £1.99 GBP. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest titles published by Chillingo.


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