Avanquest Launch a Trio of Budget Titles

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Electronic Theatre ImageAvanquest Software Publishing has released three new titles strategy and simulation videogames; Hearts of Iron III, Cities in Motion and Ship Simulator Extremes. All of the products have previously been available at full price courtesy of Paradox Interactive, but are now being re-released by Avanquest as part of their best-selling budget videogames range.

Ever wonder how it feels to sail on a half-million-ton supertanker through the perfect storm? To take on illegal whale hunters in the Antarctic? Or feel the rush of being part of the Coast Guard as you evacuate a cruise liner in Electronic Theatre Imagedistress? In Ship Simulator Extremes, you can pilot an impressive array of vessels and live the stories of real ship captains. In missions based on actual events in realistic environments at locations all over the world, this next instalment in the best-selling Ship Simulator series will take you to extremes.

The Hearts of Iron series has become renowned for being one of the biggest, most detailed and complete strategic videogame series on World War II ever made. In Hearts of Iron III, you can take charge on any front, as any country, and through a variety of scenarios. Guide your nation to glory from 1936 to 1948: wage war on the battlefields, in the factories, and at the negotiating table.

In Cities in Motion, explore several large European cities where you can operate your own transportation company. Build a public network with a variety of over thirty vehicle types based on real-life models, including buses, trams, and subway trains. By meeting the Electronic Theatre Imageneeds of city residents, you can make as much profit as possible. Observing the changing and growing city, as well as the different types of people in it, is key to building a successful and efficient network.

Hearts of Iron III, Cities in Motion and Ship Simulator Extremes are all available as part of Avanquest’s budget range, with a recommended retail price of £10.20 GBP each. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest additions to Avanquest’s budget range of videogame software.


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