Heroes & Generals Enters Closed Beta

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe highly anticipated first-person shooter (FS) from the creators of Hitman has officially entered its closed beta stage, as independent studio Reto-Moto today invites soldiers from across the world to help redefine a genre. Heroes & Generals promises to eliminate the formulaic baggage that weighs down the FPS genre by delivering satisfying strategic action in a new experience.

Players are transported from the comfort of their browsers to authentic WWII battlefields, where they fight alongside thousands of gamers for persistent progression and military supremacy. Each player in Heroes & Generals choosesElectronic Theatre Image their own destiny: you might join the Axis and climb the ranks as a foot soldier, firing off countless rounds in epic battles for crucial landmarks, or perhaps you’ll become a general in the US army and accept the task of deploying resources and reinforcements across a vast strategic map.

Either way your decisions and actions fundamentally impact the videogame. Whether you play a fearless infantryman blazing the trenches, a hotshot pilot renowned for precision bombing runs, a brutal gunner assigned to a rumbling tank battalion, or the ace commander directing it all from strategic command – every active soldier contributes to an evolving online war that will soon expand to smartphones and tablets as well.

The Reto-Moto team has been involved with high-profile action titles in the past, but Heroes & Generals represents the team’s first opportunity to immerse players as active contributors in the ongoing development process. Electronic Theatre ImageOver the course of beta testing all community members can share feedback on everything videogame design-related, from map layout to weapon handling.

Mass participation and feedback will provide priceless guidance towards our efforts, helping to fine-tune a game that players desire. Electronic Theatre will bring you the opportunity to join the Heroes & Generals closed beta testing phase in the near future, and keep you updated with all the latest details on the forthcoming videogame.


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