Fray Cinematic Trailer & Release Date Revealed

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Electronic Theatre ImageBrain Candy, the independent videogame developer based in France, has released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming simultaneous turn based strategy game, Fray. The trailer zooms in on combat as well as revealing the official release date of the videogame, which may be arriving sooner than you think.

Players can soon enter the dystopian future of 2098 where Earth’s remaining resources are controlled by mega-corporations and a desperate humanity seeks refuge in virtual realms. Electronic Theatre ImageIn Fray, players control a squad  of four characters and fight in turns comprised of a definition phase and a resolution phase. Players give each member of their squad orders during the definition phase: shoot, move, deploy equipment, use personal bonuses or powerful team bonuses and then watch the results of their actions during the resolution phase: seeing how opponents strike back and who best anticipated and trapped the other teams.

Fray will be available from 19th June, 2012. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Fray, and other forthcoming titles from Brain Candy.


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