World of Planes Gets a Name Change

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Gaijin Entertainment, the developer of upcoming combat massively multiplayer online (MMO) videogame, World of Planes, has officially confirmed a change to the videogame’s name. Now set to be known as War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment will release the videogame later this year.

“The overall concept for War Thunder has been evolving continuously throughout every step of the game’s development, but our basic motivation has remained the same: to create the best possible combat game that will meet the specific requests, expectations, needs, and skills of a broad audience,” says Gaijin Entertainment’s creative director Kirill Yudintsev, who is also the War Thunder project lead. “No matter how challenging this has been, we are successfully discovering effective ways to fulfil this goal. And we’ve been driven all along by our absolute love for flying, aviation, and history.”

War Thunder has just successfully reached the second half of the closed beta testing program, which started on schedule in the first quarter of 2012. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on War Thunder, and other forthcoming titles from Gaijin Entertainment.


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