Shootmania Storm Pre-Orders Now Live

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Electronic Theatre ImageUbisoft has officially launched the pre-order campaign for the forthcoming Shootmania Storm, coming exclusively to PC later this year. Gamers who pre-order the videogame will not only gain immediate access to the beta testing phase for the videogame, but also a 20% discount off the launch price of whichever bundle they choose to purchase.

Shootmania Storm is set to deliver both team based gameplay and pure online madness in 1v1 battles when it launches, with players able to decide what you want to play or create it and share it with the ManiaPlanet gaming network. Shootmania Storm will be priced at £15.99 GBP for the solo pack, or £39.99 for a three player bundle ad £63.99 for five players. However, gamers who pre-order no can receive these bundles for £12.79, £31.99 and £51.19 respectively. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Shootmania Storm as it approaches release.


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